Welcome to my website

Who is GNLegend?

I'm a content creator from Norway. I started my YouTube channel when Star Wars Battlefront 2015 was around 1 year old and since then I've made many different videos and friends. I haven't reached any big numbers yet on any social platform but still I've learned so much about YouTube, streaming, adding mods to a game, making thumbnails and more!

Which editor program do I use? 

I'm using Movavi Video Editor Plus 2020 for my videos. I use the free online editor pixlr.com to make all my thumbnails.  

What are my future goals?

My future goals is to continue making videos and try entertain people with my random video ideas. And hopefully one day I'll be able to reach 100K Subscribers on YouTube that is my biggest number based goal!

What is the point with this website? 

Right now there isn't alot of content here. But my idea is that this website is for those who are interested can see how I make my videos and maybe get some inspiration to make videos themselfs